Become partner

Additional option to order a Pedicab
1 Month reduced to Euro 19.- and then subscribe you choose.
Early Bird Bonus: First subscribe you join is for 50% less !!
Raise your incomming – Benefit from the advertice we make in your city for your service and the new app
Try our brand new APP now also in your city.
In the subscribe you choose and the first month for only Euro 19.- plus USt !!
It is up to you how long you will use our service. You choose the period of your subscribe.
HOW ??
Register and download the driver app for free.
Register you in the partner area as Driver and und fill out the form and upload the docs we need.
Select 1 of the 4 subscriptions.
For 1,3,6 oder 12 Months.(Early Bird Bonus is up to 12 month for 50% less ).
Within 24 hours you get your password per email and you can log in in your velocab driver app.
1 Month for this special offer !! If you like our service you upload your balance in your app. if not, send us one week before ending an email. We inform you any days before and ask if you like it or not.
You pay monthly one sum, doesnt matter how many orders you receive.
After the reduced trail month you upload your subscribe in the Driver APP with the monthly cash per credit card or paypal and you receive many rides for this sum for the next month.
Velocab starts in Vienna , Munic, Berlin, Hamburg and London !!
It gives also the option you receive orders they will pay per app. If you want that too we have included in our automatic driver billing system that all this rides you receive the money for that is within a week on your account.
Now test our international app for velocab drivers which connect you with many guests and let us help you and your business to grow up with lot of adverdice and marketing in your city.
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