From August 2017 you can order with the Velocab App a velocab – pedicab – rikscha by your smartphone.

ECO friendly and fancy :))

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About Velocab

Just a few screentouches and your velocab is on the way.

Some fingertips and your personal velocab will pick you up.

Short rides in your city – eco friendly and fancy 🙂

You can send the driver a message where you are exactly or if he should come in bar to pick you up, just send an order and some Driver will take the order and pick you up.

You choose the destination, the app shows you the price for the ride. So it is safety for all to know in front the price for the ride you ordering.

Download our App on your smartphone for free – register – and enjoy fantastic rides with our velocabs in your city !

You want pay per app ? No problem.

Add your creditcard at your Dashboard and we charge your next ride from your creditcard. When you arive the destination we send you a receipt per email.

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Velocab is aviable in Vienna, Munic and soon in London

Other Cities are following. Take sometimes a look on our website and you will see the updates.

Follow us on : Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and youtube : velocabapp


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